The position of rugs in a large room is important to the aesthetics, not only of the room but also the rug. A single large rug can overpower these aesthetics but a number of small ones may be used to the furtherance of aesthetics and usually enhance each other or assist to sub-divide an open plan room. It is vital that firstly the individual smaller rugs are in harmony with each other; otherwise these rugs individually will undermine their own aesthetics (or stick out like a sore thumb!). View the samples of rugs in the same way when making your original choice. Search for similar styles, colours and patterns. In general terms floral designs and tribal pattern do not harmonize with each other however the “Garden design rugs and carpets from Quin” which are of floral designs can look sensational with geometric tribal rugs. The tones of the rugs should be viewed unified obvious where there is a combination of bright muted colours on the choice of rugs it is usual for the more vivid rug to suppress the muted ones. In the case of colours, the advice is less formal since most rugs have a wide spectrum of colours. As a rule providing the rugs have at least a single colour in common and are of the same or similar tone, the mix of rugs will compliment each other. As a general rule of thumb choose the rugs from the same area to ensure the common design and colour elements in the rugs.

Rugs traditionally set on the floor before this practice they were hung on the wall or in front of draughty windows and doors. A rug, if it compliments or harmonizes the decor of a room will look splendid hung on a wall; it will also avoid the wear and tear of traffic over perhaps a delicate rug. It will also be less expensive than a French or Belgium tapestry. The rug must be hung properly and must not support its own weight this will avoid the inevitable damage. The easiest method of support is to sew a strip of cotton webbing to the upper side on the back using strong cotton thread and a large running strip. Then the whole rug can be hung from a suitable brass or wooden “curtain” pole from its rings. This will distribute the hanging weight of the rug evenly along its length to avoid damage, strain and sagging. Admirably suited to wall hangings are rugs which have a one way design and the picture rugs.

Rugs can also be used to repair or compliment the rooms’ other furniture or soft furnishings for example on chairs, sofas, even cover tables. Why not use small rugs in your prize possession the motor car- that surely is a first.

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