Budget Rugs

Budget rugs are usually made by machines and are by their very nature relatively inexpensive. They are presented mainly in three formats, flat, pile and shaggy pile. Those that are suitable for withstanding wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, external entrances etc. usually have a rubber backing and the ‘’pile’’ is usually constructed of a man fibre. The combination of a synthetic fibre and rubber allows the rug to withstand the variances and vagrancies of wet feet, dirty shoes, muddy dogs’ paws, the scratching of cats, the passage of childrens’ toys even perhaps the repairs to a beloved motor-bike! These hard wearing, multi-purposed rugs can often be washed in the family washing machine and re-appear after laundering as new. The more sophisticated models which do not have rubber reinforcing are excellent to protect the more treasured areas of the house, bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, dad’s study from the ravages of our young off-spring who from time to time may spread its chocolate ice-cream or ice-lolly on our best carpet. When a budget can no longer tolerate the ravages of a house’s family it can be disposed with to the local authority’s reclamation service. To extend the rug’s shelf life why not find a pride of place in the garden shed or Wendy house, King Arthur’s castle or the dog basket? Obviously rugs.co.uk will only be too pleased to sell you your replacement house rug.

A budget rug need not always be grey, black or brown. There are rugs of many colours with suitable designs and textures that may accommodate even the heavy traffic in the entrance of your home. For families on the tightest household budget there is a rug for you in our extensive range that will brighten any room. Students’ accommodation, traditionally needs that brighter ambience to enlarge its four walls and create a warmer more comfortable place to work and enjoy university life. At the end of term or when you leave, it is an item you can sell or take to your next domicile. A budget rug can be upgraded as your pocket and will,  allows.

The range of styles for budget rugs is almost endless; they are not a second best option in the planning of your decor, they are rugs which accommodate the most rigorous of environments, yes, even a rugby club’s changing rooms. Enjoy your new purchase and when you are tired of it or its tired of you, the budget rug can be disposed of and a new one will accommodate your new decor, your new mood or the arrival of tiny feet or paws. The secret of a budget rug is to enjoy it, making sure it is fit for your purpose. Yes it is “fitted or laid” in moments without any inconvenience, by yourself.

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