At we pride ourselves in giving the vital information that you may require not only where to purchase your required specimen, but also its location in the market place. Your choice of rug will depend upon your aim to acquire what many feel is not only an item of soft furnishing but perhaps an object of antiquity , of beauty, of style, of comfort and of the whole panorama of its origin and tradition.

Rugs have been made perhaps from the Mesolithic age circa 10,000 to 4,500 B.C. as an item of comfort and warmth and not of beauty. The farmers of the Neolithic era (4500 to 2000 B.C) would have used floor covering to furnish their primitive dwellings. Some academics favour the rug’s introduction to the Egyptians, others ascribed the rug to the Chinese or even the Maya civilisation. Who ever created the first rug is of little use to the modern rug collector or customer. These early rugs were functional, a means of comfort and warmth to sit upon and exchange news and stories. The rug possibly would have lacked colour and design unlike latter examples when they reflected the creative and artistic skills of their maker and no doubt their future owner; when the rug- maker, no doubt the women, had a little more concern for colours and patterns in preference to animal skin and stuffed sacking. The colours and patterns no doubt reflected the vista around them such as wild animals, farming scenes and the surrounding countryside. Since these early times the rug was also used to decorate their horses and camels, decorate furniture and walls in the form of tapestries and drapes over draughty door and window openings. These extensions of a rug’s use encouraged the techniques of making and their designs to be more colourful, creative and ambitious. Thus, today’s varieties of rugs offer the acquisition of these decorative art forms, an exciting range of patterns, designs, shapes and forms. The modern shopper has a huge range of choice from modern pieces, antique rugs, designer styles, traditional rugs through to a budget range. The traditional rug selection is perhaps the largest range acquiring rugs from Persia, Turkey, Asia miner, India, the orient Africa, China, yes dear shopper the world is our source of rugs.

The question might well be asked, why buy a rug when many homes have fitted carpets? Rugs are a great way to bring life to a room, to give it style, even to punctuate an expanse of a single coloured carpet with a patterned rug; similarly to add a single or lesser patterned rug to a multi patterned carpet – gives the room style, it softens the room, gives the room a feeling of being, cosy, with the introduction of a carefully selected rug, laid in less than 60 seconds.

It is now our assignment to offer you the different styles and makes of rug in the certain hope of suiting your choice whilst complementing your existing decor. We wish you a happy and productive browse through, if your adventure proves frustrating or we even fail why not give us a ring or email us at One word of caution, your new rug once laid will be the territorial domain of your house pet they, by their natural instinct, know the warmest and most comfortable place in your room.

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